First-graders take advantage of literacy stations

Check out the photos of first-grade literacy stations at The Varnett School Southeast. The stations focus on compound words and identifying beginning, middle and ending sounds. They also are used to help students with CVC words that are made up of consonants, vowels and consonant sounds such as cat, hot, tip, man and hut.
The stations are part of The Varnett Public Schoo's Guided Reading program, an instructional approach that involves the teacher working with a small group of students on their reading level.
The features of Guided Reading are:
  • Students are grouped based on current reading levels.
  • Teacher meets with small groups of students (3 to 6) daily based on student reading levels.
  • As students read, the teacher serves as a reading coach and asks text-related questions.
For more on Guided Reading, click here.
Nice work by the teacher, Ms. Bobbie Estelle.
Photos by Ms. Tegria Jones, K-2 District Guided Reading Specialist
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