Varnett launches first campus vs. campus soccer matches

Soccer is gaining momentum at The Varnett Public School.
Launched last school year, the sport took several extra steps Thursday when the Southwest campus hosted a match against its Southeast counterparts. In the first game, Southwest defeated Southeast, 7-2. Game two ended in a 1-1 tie.
But, according to Mr. Lonnie Reynolds, Varnett's athletic director, the score was secondary. "I feel great," Mr. Reynolds said. "Even though Southwest won the game, it was a win-win situation because all of our kids got to compete."
At the Northeast campus today, with cheerleaders on both sides, Northeast defeated East campus 2-0. Before Thursday, soccer games were in-house.
Slated later this school year is 7-on-7 flag football, and Mr. Reynolds said track-and-field may be next.
In other activities, the Southwest campus on Saturday, Jan. 12, will host a chess tournament involving 19 schools and more than 100 participants throughout the city. "All of the elite schools will be competing,"  Mr. Reynolds said.
Extra-curricular activities at Varnett continue to flourish.
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